Pearl is the 33rd clue. It is a Janus clue and was located in Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.


The Janus gave King Ludwig II a clue to hide. He built Neuschwanstein Castle and hid the clue inside the grotto. The Ekats sent a psychiatrist to claim that the king was "mad", which would have allowed his uncle, an Ekat, to take the throne. The psychiatrist eventually killed Ludwig but lost his life while doing so. They never did find the clue.


Pearls are found inside some mollusks. They are commonly used in jewelry. They are spheres that are creamy white in color that are formed when an irritatnt (like a grain of sand) gets into an oyster's shell. Over time, the oyster forms a silver coating around the irritant, and it transmogrifies into a pearl.