Phosphorus is the 13th clue. It is an Ekaterina clue and was located in the waters of Loch Ness.


When the news of the "unsinkable" ship, the Titanic, arrived, all Cahills wanted to put an agent on the ship. The Ekats sent Anne Cahill, along with this clue. Anne survived after the ship hit the iceberg but in order to protect the clue even more, the Ekats faked Anne's death and pretended that the clue went down with her. Anne left her entire family and moved to America. However, her neighbor happened to be a Tomas agent, George McClain, who knew all about Anne Cahill (who was under the alias Nella Chain). Anne then knew that she had to move the clue. Since she was angry with the Ekaterina branch for making her leave her parents, she asked Grace Cahill to use one of her planes to fly herself back to Scotland to her parents. However, Anne crashed into Loch Ness lake and was never heard from again. The Ekaterinas quickly heard of the disaster and they sent Charlie Wallace to guard the clue.


Phosphorus is a luminescent chemical element. It is a poisonous and combustible nonmetal.