The Lucian branch is one of the five branches of the Cahill family. This branch was founded by Luke Cahill, the oldest of Gideon's five children. The Lucians are experts at secrecy, sabotage, poisons, money management, leading, lying, and code-breaking.


The founder of this branch was Luke Cahill, the eldest child of Gideon and Olivia. When his father split the clues, Luke felt that he deserved more because he was the oldest. He stormed off and soon after their house was on fire. Katherine and Thomas blamed Luke which caused him to flee from their island.


The Lucian crest has changed over the years but the main image has remained the same. There has always been a double-headed snake. The Lucian crest shows a white double-headed snake on a red shield, coiled in a triquetra around a sword. Both of the heads of the snake have their fangs bared and their tongues are sticking out. There is a scroll underneath it that reads "LUCIAN". The simplified crest has the same red shield but there is only one snake head that is colored white. Its fangs are still bared and the tongue is still sticking out. The significance of the snake is very important to the Lucians. The snake represents steathiness and sneak attacks as well as poison. The two heads is to show that the Lucians are always watching, even when you think they aren't. The sword is to show the ruthlessness of the Lucians.


The main Lucian qualities are skilled strategists, money managers, spiers, and their love for poisons. Lucians also have great leadership skills. This is shown with President Obama, Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Elizabeth II. Lucians are also great business people. Mostly with money managing. With their great strategic abilities they can easily become rich. Lucians have a love for secrecy, codes, and poison, which is why their mascot is a snake. They are also known to be ruthless and willing to do anything to get the clues. The Lucian serum makes the drinker extremely ruthless and almost heartless, willing to do ANYTHING to get the clues. This was shown when Isabel Kabra took the serum and was willing to harm her children to get the clues.


Historic LuciansEdit

Lucian StrongholdsEdit

Lucian CluesEdit

Clue Location
Iron solute Paris, France
Calcium carbonate Area 51, USA
Salt Tower of London, England
Clover Fort Knox, USA
Blood Eiffel Tower, France/Statue of Liberty, USA
Amber Yekaterinburg, Russia
Mint Coast of Morocco


Poison-Delivery MechanismsEdit

  • Poison Rings
  • Poison Fingernails
  • Poison Darts
  • Poison Cuff Links
  • Poison Teddy Bears
  • Poison Umbrellas


  • Daggers
  • Retractable Knives
  • Walking-Stick Swords
  • Bullet Pens


  • The Shark
  • Bulletproof Limousines
  • Advanced Fighter Jets
  • Speed Yachts (with Helipads)


  • Codes
  • Surveillance Bugs
  • Untraceable Cell Phones
  • Polygraphs